Account Security:

A quick guide to protecting your account:

    Security measures you can take to protect your account! If you follow these steps, you should be able to protect your account for longer. There are many scammers and hackers that operate in the Summoners War community, so you must be very careful. Hopefully, you'll find some use out of these tips.

Step 1: Set a password!

    This option can be found by clicking your name and going to Com2us Hive, Profile.


    Setting a new password is the first step to securing your account!


Step 2: Set Your Email Address!

    Go back to the Com2uS, Profile settings page:


    Click this button to enter account settings, then enter your password to change email:


Step 3: Verify Your Email Address

    Go back to the where you set your email:


    Make sure you already saved your email, then verify:


    From here you can reset your password now :)

Step 4: Set Facebook and Mobile Number:

    Facebook can be linked in Profile:

    com2us com2us com2us

    Enter this menu to confirm your mobile number:


    This should help add more locks to the account and ways to retrieve it.

Step 5: Avoid Scams/Hacks/Phishing

    There is no such thing as free crystals. Monsters can not be traded. Do not enter your password or username to anyone outside of the game. This is because it's impossible for these people to hack you as they are trying easier tricks like recording your password. Do not let someone log on to your account before trading and always use a middleman who is well known and trusted (good reputation). Lastly, do not download any programs outside of the game, if something is good to be true it usually is.

What do we do for security?:

Here are the steps we take to improve security for your account:

    1. We store accounts for over month long periods to make sure that accounts aren't being traded just to be stolen.
    2. We only use trusted middlemen to vet accounts coming to our site. More eyes checking for suspicious action.
    3. We use PayPal to ensure the protection for the buyer. They have good policies and jurisdiction.
    4. The data is held off server and is only accessed by one person before it is sent to you.
    5. We will continue to handle delivery of the information manually by email and/or live chat for further security.
    6. Our accounts have no email or Facebook attached to them. They are clean.