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Frequently Asked Questions:

Hopefully we can answer some of your questions if we're not online:

    If you have any questions that you feel were not adequately answered, or you feel that there should be information added to this page then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can we sell our accounts here or trade?

    Unfortunately, we don't offer this service as it breaches our security steps. Very sorry!

What do we do for security?

    1. We store accounts for over month long periods to make sure that accounts aren't being traded just to be stolen.
    2. We only use trusted middlemen to vet accounts coming to our site. More eyes checking for suspicious action.
    3. We use PayPal to ensure the protection for the buyer. They have good policies and jurisdiction.
    4. The data is held off server and is only accessed by one person before it is sent to you.
    5. We will continue to handle delivery of the information manually by email and/or live chat for further security.
    6. Our accounts have no email or Facebook attached to them. They are clean.

Where do you get the accounts?

    They are sourced through a select few, very trusted middlemen who know the community well and provide clean accounts.

Is this site illegal?

    While it is generally against policy to trade accounts for almost any online game, it is not illegal by law. The owners of the game may ban you for the offence if they find out but it's rarely traceable with over 20 million accounts on the game.

Is this site legit?

    I built the website and handle the account data personally so that everything is kept very secure and in order. I am able to bring you the best of my ability with plenty of drive towards customer service.

Will you take other forms of payment?

    In the future, we would like to, yes.

Do you need an account to purchase with us?

    No, we use PayPal and they handle all the transaction information.

How long does it take to receive an account after purchase?

    If I'm online, it can take less than a few minutes. After you make a purchase through PayPal's secure transaction interface, you will be brought back to our site. The page you land on will tell you if I'm online or not but please check the bottom of the page (might be harder to see on mobile), to find our live chat. This will say 'Online' if I'm online, generally and 'Away' if I'm not. I try to be online around 16 hours, so if you paid for an account, please grant me up to 8 hours of offline time to sleep! Thank you so much.

How do I receive an account?

    Using the 'click to buy' button, you will be safely taken to PayPal's secure payment system which is handled entirely by them. After purchase, you will be brought back to our website collection page which will tell you our online status. The best way to check if we're online is to use our livechat which you will see in the bottom right corner (you may have to zoom out on mobile).